Who’s behind it?

Teach Millions is an expression of a Nordic EdTech Community – EdTechs and knowledge service providers from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Denmark have come together.

The Nordic EdTech Community shares the values and traditions of equality, democracy, motivational learning, and a strong sense of community. In recognition of our privileged position in the world we understand our obligation to reach out and help as best we can.

In the Nordic EdTech Community, we know that distance learning is not just about digitization. For that reason you’ll be able to find some of the best Nordic knowledge service providers that are here to help. Teach Millions presents support at both strategic, tactical and operational levels.

Teach Millions is more than the ambition to contribute during lockdowns due to the Corona pandemic. We’re here for the long run. With a strong sense of community – there is much more to come.


To join TeachMillions.org the company needs to be a member of any of the Nordic EdTech Community organisations: EdTech Denmark, EdTech Finland, Oslo EdTech Cluster, Swedish EdTech Industry or Nordic EdTech Forum – N8.


Need more information? Contact:

Mikkel Frich, CEO, EdTech Denmark, mikkel@edtechdenmark.dk
Heini Karppinen, Chair, EdTech Finland, heini@mehackit.org
Jannie Jeppesen, CEO, Swedish Edtech Industry, jannie@swedishedtechindustry.se
Ginvile Ramanauskaite, Lithuanian initiative lead, ginvile@bitdegree.org
Mihaela Tabacaru, Project Manager R&D, OsloEdtech Cluster mihaela@osloedtech.no

Märt Aro, Chairman, Nordic EdTech Forum – N8, mart.aro@dreamapply.com

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