24.04.2020 Press-release of Nordic-Baltic EdTech co-operation and UN support

Press release from the Nordic Edtech Community

Nordics join forces to support educators globally with free learning tech


Lockdowns due to the global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have raised the issue of homeschooling and learning technology like never before. That’s why the Teach Millions initiative is immediately addressing this by offering free technology from 100+ different Nordic companies as a form of emergency aid. All the learning technology on teachmillions.com is open and companies offer many free services for students, teachers, NGO’s and governments worldwide as of April 15th, 2020.

“It has been amazing to see the willingness of Nordic EdTech companies to support countries all over the world in a state of emergency. What we do through Teach Millions springs from an educational tradition of community, critical thinking, and initiative,” says Mikkel Frich, CEO of EdTech Denmark.

“These are some of the market leaders in learning technology offering many products for free, and we are grateful that they have chosen to support the learners and educators in these tough times. This is a massive donation and we are humbled to also invite other Nordic initiatives to join.” adds Mihaela Tabacaru, Project Manager R&D, OsloEdtech Cluster.

“The initiative originates from all Nordic countries and gathers solutions from koulu.me, edtechdonor.dk, edtechkartan.se/cms/skolaonline, bitdegree.org/edtech-lithuania, ​hjelpskolen.no/ressurser,​ and education-nation.99math.com. Together, the solutions cover many languages such as: English, French, Modern Arabic, Spanish, Russian, German, and the Scandinavian, Finno-Ugric and Baltic languages. If you find a relevant EdTech solution that does not meet your language requirements, please contact us anyway – we might have a solution,’ Heini Karppinen, the co-founder of EdTech Finland elaborates.

The Nordic EdTech Community realizes that distance learning is not merely plug-and-play, and so the initiative also assures that some of the best Nordic consultants will stand by to help. Teach Millions presents support at both strategic, tactical, and operational levels.

Data ethics is crucial in the new initiative, Ginvile Ramanauskai, Lithuanian initiative lead, assures: “All donors on Teach Millions are GDPR compliant. By clicking on the Covid-19 Agreement we provide a legally binding framework and a workflow between the user and the vendor.”

Initiated by the Nordic EdTech Community, 100+ companies and consultants from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Denmark have come together as donors.

“All the EdTech solutions displayed on Teach Millions have something from their services free of charge during the COVID-19 crisis continues, and the schools and educational institutions are closed,” says Märt Aro, Chairman Of The Board at Nordic EdTech Forum – N8.



Mikkel Frich, CEO, EdTech Denmark, +45 22 16 08 25, ​mikkel@edtechdenmark.dk

Heini Karppinen, Chair, EdTech Finland, +358407551803, ​heini@mehackit.org

Jannie Jeppesen, CEO, Swedish Edtech Industry, +46 70-224 48 65, ​jannie@swedishedtechindustry.se

Ginvile Ramanauskaite, Lithuanian initiative lead, +37062111151, ​ginvile@bitdegree.org

Mihaela Tabacaru, Project Manager R&D, Oslo Edtech Cluster, ​mihaela@osloedtech.no

Martins Bicevskis, Founder of ATAST, Latvian Edtech initiative, +37129249356, ​martins@bicevskis.lv

Tiina Neuvonen, UN, Thematic Lead in Education, +358 40 5387930, ​tiina.neuvonen@un.org

Märt Aro, Chairman, Nordic EdTech Forum – N8, +372 53415761, ​mart.aro@dreamapply.com



The Nordic EdTech Community is a new community that gathers companies and ecosystem development organisations from the educational technology sector. The community is non-profit and is not connected to any government institutions. The initiative has been realized in a matter of weeks and is dependent on voluntary contributions from the participating companies and organisations. Estonian Ministry of Education and Research with its initiative Education Nation and United Nations Technology Innovation Labs (UNTIL) are supporting the movement. All organisations and governments are welcome on board to support in any way they can.

If the necessary funding can be raised Teach Millions will continue after the COVID-19 crisis as a development aid. The reason so many companies chose to participate is a clear understanding that we have an obligation to reach out and help if we can. There is a strong sense of community amongst the companies developing learning technology.


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